CSA Working Groups

Members Chairs: JA Kanis, N HarveyMembers: B Abrahamsen, J Adachi, F Borgström, O Bruyère, J Carey, P Clark, C Cooper, E Dennison, M Diaz Curiel, HP Dimai, D Gregorie, M Hiligsmann, H Johansson, E Lau, M Lewiecki, P Lips, R Lorenc, E McCloskey, S Ortolani, A Papaioannou, D Prieto Alhambra, S Silverman, M Sosa, P Szulc, K Ward, N Yoshimura Read more
Members Chair: A Diez Perez Members: R. Adachi, D. Agnusdei, J. Compston, S. Cummings, A. Diez-Perez (Chair), R. Eastell, E .Eriksen, U. Liberman, E. SeemanExternal advisor: Jesus Gonzalez-Macias Read more
Members Chair: E Seeman Vision To enable the interaction between young investigators and experts in the field of osteoporosis. Aim The Working Group plans to develop educational activities for young investigators and nurture their knowledge and skills according to their research interests. Read more
Members Co-Chairs: Dr Mary Bouxsein and Professor Harry GenantMembers: Claude Arnaud, Mary Bouxsein (co-chair), Daniel Chappard, Roland Chapurlat, Juliet Compston, Adolfo Diez-Perez, Jean-Pierre Devogelaer, Hans Peter Dimai,  Dieter Felsenberg, Harry Genant (co-chair), Claus C. Glüer, Sarath Lekamwasam, Paul Miller, Osvaldo Daniel Messina, Nick Pocock, Philip Sambrook Read more
Members Chair: Dr. Ambrish Mithal Members: A. Mithal (Chair), J-P. Bonjour, S. Boonen, P. Burckhardt, B. Dawson-Hughes, G. El Hajj Fuleihan, R. Josse, B. Larijani, P. Lips, J. Morales-Torres, N. Yoshimura Vision To understand the global relationship between nutrients, bone health and muscle strength. Read more
Members Chair: S FerrariMembers: M-L Bianchi, JP Bonjour, T Chevalley, J Foldes, G Guglielmi, N Harvey, JM Kaufman, N Napoli, J Stepan Vision To explore the poorly understood pathophysiology of osteoporosis in young adults. Aim The Paediatrics Working Group aims to understand the causes of low bone mass in young adults and to identify its genetic factors. Read more
Members of the Committee of Scientific Advisors are invited to join working groups based on their areas of expertise. The objectives of the working groups are to: Read more


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