I never thought that this could possibly happen to me. Like most people, I assumed osteoporosis was a typical "ladies" disease.

How did I find out? It began while I was vacuuming the car in 1995 at the age of 62. Suddenly, I felt acute pain in my back. After 5 days, during which the pain did not let up, I went to the doctor. He examined me and found that the source of my back pain was damaged vertebrae caused by severe osteoporosis.

I used to be a car mechanic. After I was diagnosed with osteoporosis this was one of the many things I could no longer do. My doctor has said that I shouldn't lift more than 10 Kg. I've also had to give up my hobby – bowling. It isn't the bowling itself that I miss as much as the good times I used to have with my bowling colleagues. This was the greatest loss.

I've had to learn to be optimistic. I receive medical treatment (bisphosphonates) and ensure that my diet is rich in calcium. Despite my condition, I go to the nearby thermal baths once a week. It is good for me and helps me relax.

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