IOF-Servier Young Investigator Award for Spine Fracture Project

Dr Elise Feng-i Morgan, of Boston University awarded 2005 IOF-Servier Young Investigator Award in Toronto, Canada.

Dr Elise Feng-i Morgan, of Boston University, received the 2005 IOF-Servier Young Investigator Award, presented during the 2006 IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis (IOF WCO) in Toronto, Canada. Dr Morgan, who is Assistant Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, at Boston University, USA, won this award for her proposal to use three-dimensional visualization to understand how spine fractures start and progress, and then to test models to predict vertebral fracture. “Dr Feng-i Morgan’s project to use the latest techniques from aerospatial and mechanical engineering to understand how vertebrae fracture, caught the judges attention as it will contribute to widening our knowledge of osteoporosis,” said IOF President Prof. Pierre D. Delmas.