World Osteoporosis Day

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World Osteoporosis Day focuses on a specific theme every year. In 2014, the campaign will focus on ‘Osteoporosis in Men’. Osteoporosis is often considered a ‘woman’s disease’, although one in five men over the age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis. As a result of this misconception, millions of men worldwide remain unaware of their personal risk for osteoporosis and debilitating fractures.

With the ageing of the population, an increasing number of older men will suffer fractures and IOF’s objective is to raise awareness of the problem among the public, health professionals and health authorities. Specifically, the 2014 IOF campaign will aim to:

  • Quantify the global burden of osteoporosis in men
  • Encourage men to practice a bone-healthy lifestyle (exercise & nutrition)
  • Outline the risk factors for the disease inFpatient men
  • Communicate the concrete steps needed to prevent osteoporosis and fractures, and focus on secondary fracture prevention 

Women, who play an important role in the health awareness of their families, will also be used as a vehicle to deliver the messages and hence be educated on their own risk during the process.

If you translate any of the WOD material, please share this with us so that we can profile this through our website and social media sites.

World Osteoporosis Day Campaign Toolkit

Download the Real Men Build Their Strength From Within campaign toolkit to get a complete overview of World Osteoporosis Day 2014, including the key messages and ideas to inspire you for your national-level activities. The toolkit includes specific calls to action for the general public, health-care professionals, employers, corporate partners and the media. It highlights activation points such as social media, examples of events for different settings and even mock letters to sports celebrities for endorsement.

This year we have also introduced the Love Your Bones Champions which will celebrate the work of bone health advocates and the involvement of celebrities from around the world in helping us to deliver bone-healthy messages.

Love Your Bones logo

As a part of our ongoing strategy to put bone health at the forefront of World Osteoporosis Day, we have created a logo to unite all stakeholders around the action point of Love Your Bones. Download the logo here:

World Osteoporosis Day 2014 Resources

For use by CNS:

  • PDF to print and hang up in your office or home
  • PDF printer in high resolution and printer markers for a professional printer
  • ZIP for a designer to modify and translate as suitable for your organization


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• Designer files: ZIP 124 MB (English version)
Each image is on a different layer. File is for Adobe InDesign CS6 - if you require a previous version, please e-mail

Patient Brochure


A comprehensive guide for osteoporosis prevention in men. This 24-page brochure in A5 format highlights the key messages for osteoporosis prevention and bone health in men in an easy-to-read format for consumers and patients. The succinct and image-rich brochure includes the following information:

  • Common causes and risk factors of osteoporosis in men
  • Five steps to improving bone health: including exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, risk factors and medication
  • The IOF One-Minute Osteoporosis Risk Test

• Designer files: ZIP 230 MB (English version)

Thematic Report

Osteoporosis in Men: Why change needs to happen

Authored by Prof. Peter Ebeling, this 24-page referenced report in A4 format is a comprehensive guide to osteoporosis prevention in men. It provides valuable information for educators, healthcare professionals, healthcare authorities, as well as patients who want more in-depth information. It can also be used as a lobbying tool to show ‘why change needs to happen’. The report covers the following topics:

  • The burden of osteoporosis in men
  • Bone development and loss in men
  • Causes of osteoporosis in men
  • Challenges in diagnosis and treatment
  • Guidance for men, healthcare professionals and policymakers

• Designer files: ZIP 167 MB (English version)


Real Men Infographic

Real Men infographic

The infographic displays the key information and statistics of osteoporosis in men. This is a great way to present the key topics of this year's campaign in an easy to read and appealing manner.

Web version (JPEG)

Print A4 version (PDF)

Design files (Adobe Illustrator CS6)

WOD Media Kit for thematic report (October 9)

We invite you to translate and make use of the following material to support your WOD media outreach. The CNS template release can be freely edited for your own national use and you may want to adapt with a local country quote. We’d appreciate receiving copies of your releases.

Note: Yellow highlights in the releases suggest where text could be replaced by quotes from local key opinion leaders or your organization's officers

• Fact Sheet  (2-pager - will also be available in the languages listed above)

Key Messages (PDF, 500 KB) • Printer version (PDF, 2.6 MB)

• Press Releases (strictly embargoed until October 9th, 9:00 CET)

For information and inspiration...

WOD Media Kit to announce Survey Findings (October 20)

In early September we will share with you the results of the IOF 12-country survey which looks at osteoporosis risk awareness in men and neglect of bone health by HCPs in men aged 50+. The survey results and template press releases will be made available here.