Osteologic Academy Zlin

Society Osteologic Academy Zlin
Office Address Osteologicka Akademie Zlin, o.p.s., Czech Republic
Phone + 420 577 007 311 / 315
Fax + 420 577 007 335
Geographical Area Covered Czech Republic
Year of foundation 2007
Organization name in local language Osteologická Akademie Zlín

Services Provided
Telephone helpline yes

Chief Executive Officer Zdenka Krhutova PhD
Representative at IOF Dr Pavel Novosad MD
Staff members Hana Celustkova

Science/medical sceintific meetings, continuing medical education, medical research
Support local, regional groups patient support groups, nursing support
Public awareness and education young people, extracurricular; adult education through website, lectures and public days; media activities such as press conferences, interviews, news services etc.
Lobbying government health agencies