Capture the Fracture

Meet Jeanie Joas. She’s an active woman in her 50s, who walks five miles at a time with weights, does yoga, spinning and recreational hiking, while supplementing all of these activities with a healthy, calcium-rich diet. What she thought were just two unrelated accidents three years ago—breaking her wrist while hiking and later fracturing a bone in her foot on a ski trip—turned out to be so much... Read more
Today, the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) released a new report, revealing approximately 80 percent of patients treated in clinics or hospitals following a fracture are not screened for osteoporosis or risk of future falls. Left untreated, these patients are at high risk of suffering secondary fractures and facing a future of pain, disfigurement, long-term disability and even early... Read more
doctor explains to patient where spinal fracture occurs
A prior fracture at least doubles a patient’s future fracture risk – yet numerous studies from across the world have found that healthcare systems fail to respond to the first fracture to prevent future fractures. Read more


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