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Nutrition plays an important role in bone health, both for preventing a fracture, or healing of bone after a fracture. Appropriate administration of nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin D, or macronutrients such as proteins, are crucial to reducing fracture risk. Inadequate intake of nutrients adversely affects bone healing and raises the risk of a secondary fracture. Therefore, a well-planned... Read more
El pograma IOF Tour – Updates in Osteoporosis es un seminario internacional de medio día que complementa al tradicional Curso de Capacitación Avanzada en Osteoporosis de la IOF. En cada edición, un experto IOF junto con un experto local dan a conocer temas actuales, de alto impacto clínico relacionados con la osteoporosis y la salud musculo esquelética en América Latina y las ciudades que recorre. Read more
El pasado 4 de septiembre, la International Osteoporosis Foundation junto con la Asociación Colombiana de Osteoporosis (ACOMM) presentaron el IOF Tour Nutrición & Hueso en la ciudad de Bogotá. El programa se centró en la epidemiología de las fracturas en América Latina y, en especial, en Colombia. Read more
En el marco del proyecto de colaboración para capacitar y concientizar sobre el cuidado de la salud ósea entre la oficina para América Latina de la International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) y la Dirección General de Promoción e Inclusión Social (DGPIS) de la Secretaria de Integración Social para personas mayores del Ministerio de Desarrollo Humano y Hábitat del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos... Read more
Over the past 10 years, Armenia has acquired the capability to measure bone density in 10 different centers in the country and we are pleased to have acquired this capability. In order to keep up to date with DXA imaging technology, we are delighted to invite you to Osteoporosis Essentials , a course in bone densitometry and osteoporosis that is given by the International Osteoporosis Foundation... Read more
Hosted by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, a two-day IOF Young Investigator Training Course was organized by the Association of Sports Traumatology & Arthroscopic of Serbia (ASTAS), and supported by IOF. The course, held on May 30-31, 2017, featured international speakers Prof. O Bruyère, Prof. R Rizzoli, Dr KM Javaid and Dr R Latinovic, from Public Health England, as... Read more
Osteoporosis Essentials, an IOF and ISCD two-day course available worldwide, provides a comprehensive training opportunity in osteoporosis, targeted to both clinicians across a broad spectrum of fields, and technologists. Read more
After six successful editions held in Brazil in 2016 and with more than 300 doctors trained to date, the IOF Tour Updates on Osteoporosis returns to Brazil with a renewed program, new speakers and a confirmed agenda starting in June that will include 28 events in different cities. Read more
El IOF Tour: Updates on Osteoporosis es una iniciativa de la oficina regional para América Latina de la Fundación Internacional de Osteoporosis (IOF). Se trata de un seminario internacional que complementa el Curso IOF de Capacitación Avanzada en Osteoporosis. El programa se centra en temas candentes en el campo de la osteoporosis y las controversias entorno al abordaje clínico del paciente con... Read more
Hip fractures are of great concern as they are the most severe type of fracture in osteoporotic patients, associated with premature death, and commonly leading to long-term physical disability, impaired capacity to perform daily activities and live independently, and reduced quality of life. Read more


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