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September 29, 2014
IOF Regionals Taipei '14
Learn about the latest advances in osteoporosis management at this key regional event - and earn up to 14 CME credits
September 17, 2014
senior man sitting on bench in the park
With advancing age the body changes and so do calcium and vitamin D needs.
September 17, 2014
pill on top of calendar
If you are finding it challenging adhering to treatment and taking your prescribed medicine, here are eight tips that will help you stay on your osteoporosis treatment.
September 17, 2014
carbonated drink
Although many of the concerns raised in the media are not supported by scientific evidence, sodas do ‘displace’ milk in the diet and are not bone-healthy options.
September 16, 2014
teenage girls playing football
Physical activity in early and mid-adolescence is positively associated with vertebral and hip BMD at age 18.
September 11, 2014
The global burden of osteoporosis and broken bones affects 200 million people worldwide and costs more than 45 billion USD. Are fracture liaison services the solution?
September 5, 2014
Find out more about this prestigious award, presented annually to an outstanding scientist in the bone and mineral field
September 2, 2014
Developed with COPN, the patient arm of Osteoporosis Canada, the Patients’ Bill of Rights is of relevance to osteoporosis societies worldwide.
September 2, 2014
Capture the Fracture rating system
Health professionals are invited to download new educational resource to help promote secondary fracture prevention and coordinator-based fracture liaison services.
August 20, 2014
Part three of the ‘Exercising your bones’ series gives you tips on improving your static and dynamic balance.