OSTEORUS puts the spotlight on bone health at the IX All-Russian Congress of Patients

IOF member society OSTEORUS represents osteoporosis at important platform for dialogue between patient societies and public healthcare authorities.

The IX All-Russian Congress of Patients was held in Moscow on November 28-30, 2018. The main theme of the Congress was  “Interaction between the authorities and the patient community as the basis for building patient-oriented Healthcare in the Russian Federation.”

For the first time, OSTEORUS patient society volunteers took part in this large-scale forum attended by the leaders and representatives of the patient community, community councils and professional medical communities from all over Russia. The delegates of the Congress were representatives of more than 100 patient organizations and 150 public councils from all regions of Russia. Five hundred people attended the three-day Congress.

Among the representatives of the Russian Government and Russian authorities were deputies of the State Duma, the Minister of Healthcare of Russia (Veronika Skvortsova),  representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Federal Medical Insurance Fund. Representatives of the WHO (World Health Organization), the  UN,  the National Medical Chamber and state corporations took part in the congress too.

The main objectives of the Russian national project "HEALTHCARE" are: improving the availability of primary medical care, reducing mortality, introducing new technologies and large-scale prevention and screening, eliminating personnel shortages, and developing the infrastructure of children's hospitals.

This Congress is a platform for dialogue between patient societies and public healthcare authorities.  It is  impossible for authorities to develop a strategy without giving attention to the patients’ voice  and coordinated  work is required. The event included an exhibition, workshops and many roundtables which turned into hot discussion platforms on specific issues. Roszdravnadzor  (the Federal Body of the Russian Federation executive power which controls and supervises the sphere of  HEALTHCARE) had its own public reception room where a consultant  received proposals and complaints from the patients. The proposals of the country's patent organizations will be taken into account in the final resolution of the congress.

OSTEORUS volunteers shared their educational experience about osteoporosis and its prevention, talked about their successful collaboration with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and about the  IOF Global Patient Charter. They called on policymakers, health authorities and healthcare professionals to raise the profile of osteoporosis and to make fracture prevention a health priority. Many members of the patient societies present expressed their support for the IOF Global Patient Charter. OSTEORUS volunteers established contacts with other patient organizations and information about osteoporosis centers, attracting interest among social activists and colleagues.

IOF CEO Philippe Halbout stated:

We congratulate and commend OSTEORUS for putting bone health on the agenda of such a high-profile policy event in the Russian Federation. Your commitment and energy on behalf of osteoporosis patients is truly exemplary!”