Successful meeting of Nordic osteoporosis societies in Helsinki

IOF member societies from Denmark, Finland and Norway met on August 30-31, 2018 for a rewarding exchange of information about their projects, successes and challenges.

IOF member societies in Europe’s Nordic region have established a wonderful tradition of regular meetings to share information about their successes and challenges and to learn about each other’s projects and programmes.

This year’s two-day meeting from August 30-31, hosted by Lustolitto (the Finnish Osteoporosis Association), was held at the Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Helsinki.

Representatives from the hosting Finnish society were joined by representatives from the Norwegian Osteoporosis Society (Norsk Osteoporoseforbund) and the Osteoporosis Foundation Denmark (Osteoporoseforeningen Landsforening mod Knogleskorhed). Regrettably, representatives from Icelandic and Swedish societies could not attend this year.

At the meeting, a broad range of topics was discussed and every society presented on their recent projects and plans for the coming year. In addition, there were presentations made about nutrition and vitamin D (by Prof. Heli Viljakainen), Bone and Exercise (by Prof. Harri Sievänen) and cost-effective treatment/FRAX (by Dr. Pekka Waris).

There was consensus that a very serious and persistent challenge is finding financial support to carry out the important programmes needed to make osteoporosis and fracture prevention a healthcare priority in Nordic countries, a region which has among the highest fracture rates in the world.

Ansa Holm, representative of Lustolitto, was elected to act as IOF contact person for the Nordic societies for the next two years. She concluded:

We shared good experiences and successes at this meeting. All of us find it helpful to meet and we have now decided to meet annually once again going forward. We share many similarities and we can all learn from one another and benefit from synergies.”

IOF congratulates the Nordic societies on this initiative and willingness to work together on behalf of osteoporosis prevention and awareness in the region.