I’ll go straight to the heart of the subject – it’s something which has affected me since my late teens, since I was about eighteen years old. I had to realise that I was suffering from the absence of my menstrual period – which is called amenorrhea. I was diagnosed with a hormonal weakness, one small ovary and an even smaller second one and unfortunately both
were not functioning properly. When my doctor performed a laparoscopy it occurred to him that I’d never be able to have kids.

Rima Hamadan, LebanonBy the time I was 13 years old, I had suffered many fractures including two fractures to my right leg and three to the left one and contemplating my future led me to a nervous breakdown.

About four years afterwards, I started suffering from very strong back pain. Then there was pain in my leg, my ankle and around the hip. The pain was spreading to my neck. I had to cope with the intermittent pain daily. I was even feeling pain in my teeth. It became unbearable. I got
to a stage where death would have been a relief from all this pain. I became depressed and aggressive. I was totally aware of my illness and I had gotten to accept it. It became like a partner or a silent enemy. My nutrition was not appropriate or healthy. I didn’t like to drink milk or consume dairy products.

When I was 16 years old there was finally a diagnosis for my illness: osteoporosis. I was relieved. I wanted a cure, to turn back the clock to when I was younger because I was afraid to become a burden on my family. I had stopped my job as a Head Nurse at the age of 23, I no longer drove, travelled or practiced any kind of physical activity. From a young woman in her 20s I had changed to an old woman in her 60s – in only ten years.

Then I came into contact with the Lebanese Osteoporosis Society (LOPS). I met other people who lived with osteoporosis. I am treated now by a physician who gave me great hope when he explained to me how to deal with my problem. I now see that my amenorrhea was a major [link 335]osteoporosis risk factor[/link], and I wish that my doctors had pointed it out at the time – it could have saved me all this suffering.I

can't perform any activities because sitting or standing is very difficult. But for the time being I am working for a lawyer – I type texts for him while sitting up in my bed. My advice to all girls is to pay
attention to their hormones and treat this matter urgently because negligence can lead to a disaster and can ruin our lives. I would like to thank all those who encouraged me to start a new
life. I thank in particular LOPS who gave me back hope.

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