Sara Padilla had always been a healthy woman. She had never visited a medical clinic or been in hospital – in fact, she even gave birth to her 5 sons at home.

Sara Padilla, Costa RicaIn 1979, when she was 52 years old, Sara fractured her hip. She was watching one of her sons change a light bulb when he fell from the ladder. Sara was knocked down so badly that she required very complex surgery to repair her hip. The recovery process was long and difficult.

One year later she fell while walking in her home, and experienced another fracture, this time of the other hip. She underwent surgery for a second time and the doctors sent her back home, with some painkillers and rehabilitation instructions.

After the two hip fractures, Sara's life changed. She has had to be more careful, and has not regained full independence. Today, Sara can't even take a regular bus, because the steps are too high for her to get in.

It wasn't until a few years ago (about 17 years after her first fracture!) that Sara learned she was suffering from osteoporosis, and that the two fractures were not just a result of her being "careless". She now takes her medication, has received education about osteoporosis, and better understands what happened and how she can cooperate with her medical team. Sara is very optimistic, especially after seeing the improved results of her bone densitometry and laboratory tests.

In Costa Rica, the Fundacion Costarricense de Osteoporosis is actively working to increase knowledge of osteoporosis among the public and health professionals. The Foundation's work will ensure that in the future no one will have to go without proper diagnosis and treatment as Sara did.

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