Vertebral Fracture Teaching Program

Vertebral Fracture Initiative

The Vertebral Fracture Initiative has been developed to facilitate the understanding and teaching of osteoporotic spinal fractures for interested radiologists, clinicians and healthcare professionals. The Resource Documents contain the most recent studies and data linked to osteoporosis and vertebral fractures, with commentaries highlighting the key messages to learn and convey. The designed slides are there for you to use and can be easily inserted into your own presentations.




Action is required by radiologists and clinicians to ensure:

  • Recognition of vertebral fractures using radiography, DXA-based VFA and other spinal imaging techniques
  • Reporting as FRACTURED to avoid ambiguity
  • These actions will help patients receive effective treatment and prevent subsequent fracture

Resource Documents

Executive Summary

English (PDF, 655.6 KB)
Français (PDF, 677.4 KB)
Deutsch (PDF, 676.9 KB)
Italiano (PDF, 675.4 KB)
Español (PDF, 676.8 KB)

PART I Osteoporosis and Related Fractures: An under-diagnosed and under-treated public health issue

Manuscript (PDF, 327.1 KB)
Slides (PPT, 5.55 MB)
Annotations (PDF, 860.9 KB)

PART II Recognition and Reporting of Vertebral Fractures

Manuscript (PDF, 3.41 MB)
Slides (PPT, 15.77 MB)
Annotations (PDF, 1.36 MB)

PART III Densitometric Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA)

Manuscript (PDF, 1.56 MB)
Slides (PPT, 10.23 MB)
Annotations (PDF, 932.3 KB)