APOA-IOF Orthopaedic Initiative Working Group


Chairs: J-K Lee (IOF) and SK Choon (APOA)

IOF Members: H Hagino, P Ebeling, T Songpatanaslip

APOA Members: JC Theis, F Korskusuz, F Leung

Supervisor: C Cooper


To integrate orthopaedics to medical care and undertake projects that improve the standard of care and primary management of patients suffering from osteoporosis.


  1. To raise awareness and disseminate information about osteoporosis and fragility fractures among orthopaedic surgeons.
  2. To improve patient care for individuals with osteoporosis with or without fragility fractures.
  3. To produce a “Consensus Document” on the best practise for fracture care.


Publication to come.