Capture the Fracture with new Resources and Increased Outreach

The Capture the Fracture® (CTF) programme, launched in 2012, is a global IOF-led multi-stakeholder campaign to prevent secondary fractures due to osteoporosis through the implementation of Fracture Liaison Services (FLS). Currently the vast majority of fracture patients remain undiagnosed and untreated despite being at twice the risk of future fractures compared to those who have not fractured. FLS are a proven way for health-care systems to stop the fragility fracture cycle in these high risk patients.

CTF hosted on, illustrates global best practice for FLS, provides useful resources and proven benchmarks to which clinics and hospitals can aspire, and gives international recognition to FLS programmes around the world. In 2014 CTF took a leap forward with the following new developments:

New Capture the Fracture® Educational Slide Kits

These downloadable slide kits were developed to help educate and promote the need for secondary fracture prevention and effective FLS:

New Capture the Fracture® Toolkit

Launched in November 2014, the toolkit was designed to guide health-care professionals, health administrators and policymakers to implement a successful FLS. The freely available toolkit comprises four sections:

  • Understanding the need for FLS
  • FLS implementation guide
  • FLS business planning process guide
  • Multi-sector FLS coalition guide
  • Download and share the CTF Toolkit

Best Practice Framework (BPF) in handy brochure format

The 2013 CSA-endorsed publication Capture the Fracture®: A Best Practice Framework and Global Campaign to Break the Fragility Fracture Cycle set 13 achievable standards for best practice in implementing FLS worldwide. In 2014 the guidelines were made available in easy-to-use brochure format in six languages to date – with more planned in the future. The long-term ambition is to have translations in 50% of the world’s spoken languages.

Broad outreach to the Scientific Community

Beyond making resources freely available online, IOF seeks to present CTF messages to health-care professionals in the bone, muscle and joint field. Notable highlights in 2014 included:

  • IOF, NBHA & ASMBR joint media event at the ASBMR® congress Houston, September 2014
    Presentations by Prof. Kristina Åkesson and Judy Stenmark, CEO, IOF, highlighted global efforts in the implementation of FLS and successes to date. During the ASBMR® congress, Paul Mitchell also emphasized the need for FLS and the role of IOF in this initiative.
  • 5th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting Taipei, November 2014
    At a plenary session devoted to secondary fracture prevention, IOF CSA chair Cyrus Cooper gave an overview of CTF and invited speakers from six Asia-Pacific countries to present their FLS.
Cyrus Cooper
We invite clinics and hospitals around the world to use the Capture the Fracture best practice framework as guidance for the implementation of effective Fracture Liaison Services.
Cyrus Cooper, Chair, IOF Committee of Scientific Advisors


Seal of Recognition awarded for Fracture Liaison Services

In 2014 Capture the Fracture graded the first FLS submitted for inclusion in the global Map of Best Practice. The FLS were also sent a CTF Seal of Recognition reflecting the level of excellence obtained by their FLS (gold, silver or bronze) for use in their communications. By the end of 2014, 114 clinics had submitted their FLS programmes for review, with 64 Seals of Recognition awarded (27 gold, 26 silver, 11 bronze).