A Message from the President

Professor John A Kanis, President of the International Osteoporosis FoundationAs the leading NGO in the bone, muscle and joint field, IOF has an extensive and ambitious ‘to do’ list. We strive to channel our energies and resources wisely, with emphasis on projects which will ultimately have the greatest impact on clinical best practice and patient care. In 2014 we thus placed increased emphasis on several of our most effective and well established science, policy, and public outreach programmes. I’d like to highlight just two:

In 2014 IOF continued its focus on secondary fracture prevention with its trademarked Capture the Fracture® (CTF) progamme. CTF expanded its outreach, providing new educational tools and making the Best Practice Framework broadly accessible in practical brochure format. The long-term ambition is to make this important resource available to clinics and hospitals worldwide in 50% of the world’s written languages. To date 114 Fracture Liaison Services have been submitted for best practice recognition and 64 Seals of Recognition awarded.

Public outreach to increase global knowledge and awareness of osteoporosis is an essential IOF mission. Although proud of its extensive stakeholder network – now comprising a record 230 member national societies and 132 scientific experts from all continents – IOF is placing increased emphasis on direct outreach to patients and public. In 2014 we were able to connect with the broader community by increasing our use of social media, establishing a ‘Love Your Bones’ global symbol for bone health, and launching a monthly Love Your Bones newsletter for lay members. With this broader global membership base, IOF hopes to carry greater weight when calling on health authorities to prioritize bone, muscle and joint disease prevention and treatment.

John A Kanis