The Board

The International Osteoporosis Foundation’s global governance reflects our commitment to maintain a high level of international representation and coordination. The Board and Executive Committee are comprised of leading figures in the bone, muscle and joint health field.

The IOF Board comprises four representatives from each of the five IOF regions. Where a region has an IOF administrative office, two Board Members are elected by the region, with the remaining two elected by the global membership. Where a region doesn’t have an IOF administrative office, all four Board Members are elected by the global membership.

Board members are elected for a renewable term of four years and meet twice a year.

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Asia-Pacific Region

Peter Ebeling, AustraliaPeter Ebeling
  Ambrish Mithal, IndiaAmbrish Mithal
Hajime Orimo, JapanHajime Orimo
  Ego Seeman, AustraliaEgo Seeman

European Region

John A Kanis, United Kingdom (President)John A Kanis
United Kingdom
  Eugene McCloskey, United KingdomEugene McCloskey
United Kingdom
René RizzoliRené Rizzoli
  Maria Luisa BrandiMaria Luisa Brandi

Latin America Region

Patricia Clark, MexicoPatricia Clark
  Osvaldo Daniel Messina, ArgentinaOsvaldo Daniel Messina
Patricia Clark, MexicoCristiano Zerbini
  Claudia CampusanoClaudia Campusano

Middle East & Africa Region

Gemma Adib, SyriaGemma Adib
  Riad SulimaniRiyad Sulimani
Saudi arabia
Basel Masri, JordanBasel Masri
  Leith Zakraoui, TunisiaLeith Zakraoui

North America Region

Jonathan Adachi, CanadaJonathan Adachi
  Mary BouxeinMary Bouxsein
Bess Dawson-Hughes, United States (General SecretaryBess Dawson-Hughes
General Secretary
  Michael McClungMichael McClung


  • René Rizzoli (Switzerland)

President Elect

  • Cyrus Cooper (United Kingdom)

Elected chairs of CNS, CSA, CCA:

  • Cyrus Cooper (United Kingdom)
    Chair, CSA
  • Jean-Yves Reginster (Belgium)
    Chair, CNS
  • Lorie Fitzpatrick (USA)
    Chair, CCA

The Vice Chairs of the CNS, CSA and CCA, who are invited to participate in the Board as observers, are:

  • Serge Ferrari (Switzerland)
    Vice Chair, CSA
  • Famida Jiwa (Canada)
    Chair, CNS Patient Societies Subcommittee
  • Pascale Richetta (Belgium)
    Vice Chair CCA

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a subgroup of the Board which functions as the decision-making body for the International Osteoporosis Foundation in the absence of the full Board. It guides the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer in the day-to-day management and deals with those questions not handled directly by the President and the senior officers.

Members of the Executive Committee include the President, Treasurer, General Secretary and Chairs of the Committee of National Societies (CNS) and Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA).

The Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer attend the Board and the Executive Committee meetings but have no voting rights.