Corporate Partnerships

Partnering for change – join us at the forefront of the bone, muscle and joint arena

IOF’s partners can engage their employees, customers and stakeholders to support research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. They can play a meaningful role in promoting bone health, put their commitment to social responsibility into practice, boost employee morale and strengthen relations with the communities in which they work.

IOF’s corporate partnerships are based on mutual respect and transparency, with the views and decisions of each partner having equal value. These ideals reflect the mission and philosophy of each organization.

Together, we design the best possible partnership that will leverage our partner’s assets and resources, while addressing both corporate social responsibility objectives and advancing IOF’s mission for bone, joint and muscle health.

Some initiatives supported by our Partners

Promoting secondary fracture prevention

The IOF Capture the Fracture campaign works to close the osteoporosis care gap by implementing Fracture Liaison Services (FLS). FLS are coordinator based systems which ensure all patients presenting with fragility fractures are assessed for fracture risk and receive treatment where appropriate. Capture the Fracture’s work to educate health professionals about the importance of FLS is supported by a grant from MSD.

Supporting the dissemination of bone, muscle and joint research

IOF, supported by an unrestricted independent sponsorship from Eli Lilly, has published a slide set and summary videos highlighting 60 key research findings from the world of musculoskeletal health in 2014. This educational tool gives IOF members across the globe access to the year’s key research findings. The project takes an innovative approach to helping clinicians keep abreast of the latest advances in the field.

Supporting IOF efforts to educate the public about bone health

Signature Love your Bones Cause-Related Marketing campaigns are mutually beneficial programmes, reaching thousands of people with bone healthand overall mobility messages in specific markets. Through its campaign ‘Fighting for strong bones’ on its products and communication materials, Fonterra raises awareness and vital funds for bone, muscle and joint health promotion and education, while demonstrating its commitment to bone health to consumers and the wider public.

Supporting the Love Your Bones campaign through World Osteoporosis Day

Celebrated every year on 20 October, World Osteoporosis Day is the world’s largest bone health awareness campaign, reaching millions of people in more than 95 countries: it brings the issue of bone, joint and muscle health to global, regional and local attention. IOF Official WOD Partners such as Pfizer Consumer Healthcare organize special events to engage their employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to raise awareness of bone, muscle and joint health.

Supporting the development of the new Calcium Calculator

The new IOF Calcium Calculator, available as a free mobile App for iOS and Android or via the IOF website, helps individuals compare their average daily calcium consumption to recommended levels for their age. The calcium calculator also provides a list of calcium-rich foods and links to bone-healthy recipes. The development of the Calcium Calculator was supported by Takeda.

Supporting European Policy & Advocacy

Amgen have provided an unrestricted grant to support IOF’s policy and advocacy work in the European Union. Through the programme, IOF works with policy makers and thought leaders in the region to disseminate evidence of the osteoporosis burden in EU countries and promote proven strategies to improve osteoporosis prevention, diagnosis and treatment.