How to partner with IOF

There are many ways that companies and foundations can support IOF’s work to promote prevention and care for diseases of bone, muscles and joints. IOF has defined a variety of programmes and projects in keeping with its strategic priorities: 

IOF Committee of Corporate Advisors (CCA)

Joining the IOF CCA is the first step towards developing valuable partnerships. The CCA is a dynamic forum composed of a wide range of companies across diverse sectors committed to promoting bone, muscle and joint health. It gives you a unique opportunity to interact with other leading global companies, key opinion leaders, researchers, clinicians and patient societies within the IOF family. 

Science and Research

Support IOF to advance research and help health-care professionals provide the best patient care. Through its scientific working groups, IOF publishes guidance on key issues. It holds the world’s largest annual congress in the field as well as highly regarded regional meetings. Key projects include the Capture the Fracture programme to promote secondary fracture prevention, and FRAX®, a widely-used fracture-risk assessment tool to identify high-risk individuals. 


Support IOF to advocate for policy change to make bone, muscle and joint disorders a health-care priority To raise awareness of the growing burden of musculoskeletal diseases IOF has published landmark Regional Audit reports, which quantify the disease burden, identify care gaps, and outline prevention strategies. The Osteoporosis Care Gap Audit, planned for 2016, will provide valuable data and bolster advocacy efforts to improve osteoporosis diagnosis and care. IOF’s Global Advocacy Programme leverages such policy documents and engages a broad range of stakeholders, including EU policy makers, the NCD Alliance and IOF member societies, to prioritize musculoskeletal disorders on the healthcare agendas of governments and leading international bodies. 

Communication and Outreach

Support IOF to campaign and empower people to take action for prevention, diagnosis and care IOF leads World Osteoporosis Day, the annual global awareness campaign that reaches out to patients, the public, health-care professionals and policy officials. Signature Love Your Bones cause-related marketing programmes can demonstrate your commitment to bone health to consumers, while raising funds and visibility for IOF. IOF has successfully launched the Calcium Calculator mobile app, and plans to create the One Minute Risk Test mobile app to offer new and accessible awareness tools to the public.