Diabetes & Osteoporosis Pre-meeting Workshop

With the ageing of the population and unhealthy lifestyles, osteoporosis and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus are affecting millions of people in the Middle East. Diabetics are now recognized as being at increased risk of fracture, however health professionals need to be aware of the special challenges in the diagnosis and management of these patients.

Co-chaired by Prof. Maha Taysir Barakat, Director General of Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and Professor Serge Ferrari, this comprehensive Workshop will feature expert speakers from the fields of diabetes, bone and musculoskeletal health. Lectures will address key issues including risk assessment, impact of new diabetes therapies, and osteoporosis management in diabetic patients.

There will be opportunity for discussion and questions throughout the day.

Bone & Diabetes Pre-Meeting Workshop

as of September 2015 • subject to change

Saturday December 5, 2015
09:00-10:20 Epidemiology in the Middle East
Chairs: M Barakat (UAE) & S Ferrari (CH)
  • Diabetes
    M Barakat (UAE)
  • Osteoporosis
    JA Kanis (UK)
  • Fracture Risk in Diabetes
    MS Ardawi (SAU)
10:20-10:50 Break
10:50-12:05 Pathophysiology
Chairs: M Barakat (UAE) & S Ferrari (CH)
  • Diabetic Bone Disease
    S Ferrari (CH)
  • Etiology of Sarcopenia & Falls in Diabetes
    A Mithal (IND)
  • Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral & Bone Disorder
    R Sulimani (SAU)
12:05-13:15 Break
12:45-13:15 Poster Session I (P101-P112) & Exhibition
13:15-14:30 Management and Therapeutics
Chairs: M Barakat (UAE) & S Ferrari (CH)
  • Impact of Vitamin D Supplementation on Chronic Diseases
    R Rizzoli (CH)
  • Diabetes Therapy: Impact on bone
    G El Hajj Fuleihan (LBN)
  • Osteoporosis Management in Diabetes: Challenges and opportunities
    L Zakraoui (TUN)

Oral Communications Selected from Abstracts

  • OC01 – Risk Factors for Fragility Fractures in Diabetes Mellitus: The CEOR Study
    M-S Ardawi*, D Akhbar, A AlShaikh, M Ahmed, N Al-Ama, J Ardawi, M Qari,  A Ardawi, R Raddadi
  • OC02 – Association between Insulin Resistance and Bone Structure in Non-diabetic Postmenopausal Women
    V V Shanbhogue*, E Yu, J Finkelstein, M Bouxsein

  • OC03 – Higher Fracture Risk Despite a Higher Bone Mineral Density in Type 2 Diabetes
    B Larijani, A Hossein-Nezhad*, Z Maghbooli, M Ramezani, E Taheri