Satellite Symposia Programme

December 5,  2015
Conference room A

Industry-sponsored Symposium – Lilly

Latest Updates in Osteoporosis Management
Chair: N Al Ali (KWT)
Speaker: A Khan (CAN)

  • Discussion and conclusions
December 6, 2015
Conference room A

Lunch Satellite Symposium – AgNovos

Management Of Patients At Immediate High Fracture Risk
Chairs: S Ferrari (CHE) & C Cooper (UK)

  • Management of Hip Fracture Patients in UAE: from OR to FLS
    M Khafajy (UAE)
  • Target to Treat and Treat to Target in Osteoporosis: Two complementary strategies in the management of the high risk patient
    S Ferrari (CHE)
  • Discussion and conclusions
Conference room A

Satellite Symposium – MEDA

Management Of Osteoarthritis: The ESCEO Algorithm
Chairs: YAl-Hammadi (UAE) & J-Y Reginster (BEL)

  • The Impact of Osteoarthritis on Patients’ quality of Life: The need for an intervention
    C Cooper (UK)
  • The ESCEO Algorithm for the Management of Osteoarthritis
    O Bruyère (BEL)
  • SYSADOA’s management of Osteoarthritis: Fact or fantasy?
    J-Y Reginster (BEL)
  • Discussion and conclusions
December 7, 2015
Conference room A

Lunch Satellite Symposium – Amgen

New Dimensions and Landmark Advances In
Osteoporosis Management

Chair: T Fiad (UAE)

  • Denosumab in the long-term management of Osteoporosis
    S Ferrari (CHE) 
  • Discussion and conclusions