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Saturday December 5, 2015
15:30-17:00 Plenary Session I – Fracture
Chairs: M Khafajy (UAE) & C Cooper (UK)
  • Welcome
  • Fracture Prediction in Arabic Countries, Ethnicities and Disparities in BMD and FRAX, How to Explain, How to Solve
    JA Kanis (UK)
  • Fracture Healing: Mechanisms and therapeutics
    SA Majeed (JOR)

Oral Communications Selected from Abstracts

  • OC04 – Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Status Among Saudi Children with and without a History of Bone Fracture
    N Al-Daghri*, S Rahman, S Sabico, O Al-Attas, M Alokail, G Chrousos
  • OC05 – The Status of Serum Vitamin D among the Population of UAE
    K Yammine*, H Al Adham

  • OC06 – Bone Mineral Density, Spinal Micro-architecture (TBS Data) and Body Composition in the Older Ukrainian Women with Vertebral Fragility Fractures
    V Povoroznyuk*, N Dzerovych

  • OC07 – Increased Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Levels are associated with Vertebral Fractures in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    M-S Ardawi*, D Akhbar, A Rouzi, N Senani, A Ahmad, J Ardawi, M Qari

17:00-17:30 Poster Session II (P113-P157) & Exhibition
17:30-18:30 Industry-sponsored Symposium
18:30-19:45 Opening Ceremony
19:45-20:45 Welcome Reception


Sunday December 6, 2015
09:00-10:00 Meet-The-Expert Session I
  • Glucocorticoid and Bone
    B Masri (JOR)
  • Extraskeletal Effect of Vitamin D
    G Adib (SYR)
  • Transplants and Osteoporosis
    A Housawi (SAU) please note that this MTE has been cancelled
  • Dialogues in Osteoporosis Cases
    M Al-Izzi (UAE)
  • How to Improve Screening and Diagnosis of Osteoporosis in the MEA
    S Al-Ali (SAU)
10:00-11:15 Plenary Session II – Vitamin D During the Lifecourse
Chair: G Adib (SYR), R Rizzoli (CHE)
  • Epidemiology and Challenges of Vitamin D Insufficiency in Adults and Seniors in MENA
    L Zakraoui (TUN)
  • Vitamin D During Pregnancy and Lactation
    C Cooper (UK)
  • Vitamin D During Childhood and Adolescence
    G El Hajj Fuleihan (LBN)
11:15-12:00 Poster Session III (P158-P202) & Exhibition
11:15-12:00 Office Hours - experts review your questions and challenging cases
S Ferrari (CHE), M Khafajy (UAE)

Young Investigator Award Session
Chairs: C Cooper (UK), E Taheri (UAE)

  • OC08 – Effect of Pre-existing Juxta-articular Osteopenia in Patients undergoing Total Knee Replacement
    U Shahi*, M Farhan Al Farhan, N Shahi
  • OC09 – Compressive Strength Index of the Femoral Neck in Obese, Overweight and Normal-weight Postmenopausal Women
    R El Hage*, E Zakhem, W Khairallah, F Bachour, A Sebaaly, M Rizkallah, A-J Berro, G Maalouf

  • OC10 – Effect of Impaired Ambulation and Anti-Epileptic Drug Intake on  Vitamin-D Nutrition Status of Children with Cerebral Palsy
    M Gopinath*, A Seth 

  • OC11 – Association Analysis of Vitamin D Receptor and Collagen Gene Polymorphisms with Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Predisposition Risk
    P M Marozik*, I Mosse, E Rudenka, A Rudenka, V Samakhavets, M Ameliyanovich,  K Nestsiarenka 

  • OC12 – Topical Alendrona Enhance the Healing of Maxillary Sinus Lifting for Dental Implantation in Osteoporotic Women – Clinical Study
    S Adarnli*, G Bassit, N Kochaji

13:15-14:15 Industry-sponsored Lunch Symposium
14:15-14:45 Exhibition

Moderated Poster Session
Chair: S Tuzun (TUR)

  • P168 Bone Mineral Density Study in 25  - 35 Years Old Indonesian Women : The relationship between wrist bone mineral density, muscle strength and exercise habit
    A Anggunadi*, A J Tobing, S Suherman, W Arouzal
  • P193 Beneficial Effect of Strontium Ranelate on Functional Outcomes of Ankle Fractures’ Osteosynthesis
    G S Golubev*, V Grebenschikov

Plenary Session III - Who is at Risk and Who to Treat?
Chairs: M Al-Izzi (UAE), L Zakraoui (TUN)

  • Fracture Prevention in Inflammatory Diseases and Corticoid Therapy
    B Masri (JOR)
  • Is There Still a Room for Primary Prevention in Young Postmenopausal Women?
    T De Villiers (ZAF)
  • Poor Response to osteoporosis Treatment: Clinical approach and strategies
    M Alshaker (SAU)

Moderated Poster Session
Chair: R Sulimani (SAU)

  • P123 Osteoporosis and the Incidence of Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures after Uncemented Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty
    R Ene*, M Nica, Z Panti, P Ene, M Cirstoiu, C Cirstoiu
  • P134 Trabecular Bone Score as a Skeletal Fragility Index in Acromegaly Patients
    CS Shin*, AR Hong, JH Kim, SW Kim, SY Kim
  • P200 Preoperative Predictors for Good Postoperative Satisfaction and Functional Outcome in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Surgery with a Five and Ten Year Follow-up
    O Airaksinen*, I Tuomainen, T Aalto, H Miettinen
16:30–18:00 Plenary Session IV – Treat to Target
Chairs: B Masri (JOR), JA Kanis (UK)
  • Treat to Target in the Management of Osteoporosis
    S Ferrari (CHE)
  • Algorithm for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis: From evidence-based medicine to real-life setting
    J-Y Reginster (BEL)

Oral Communications Selected from Abstracts

  • OC13 – Incidence of Hip Fracture in Kuwait: A national registry based study
    F Azizieh*, A Al-Ajeel
  • OC14 – Audit: Management of osteoporosis in elderly during postfracture rehabilitation
    M A Afzal*, C Inderjeeth
  • OC15 – Microstructural Analysis of Subchondral Bone in Knee Osteoarthritis
    L A Holzer*, A Leithner, G Gruber, N Kastner, G Holzer
  • OC16 – Treatment Adherence, Effectiveness and Safety of Zoledronic Acid in Osteoporosis: The AZURE study
    T De Villiers*, K-S Tsai, K Abdul Awal, S Mohan, M Sadat-Ali, S Rojanasthien, H Bassiouni, S DiTommaso
18:15-19:15 Industry-sponsored Symposium


Monday December 7, 2015
09:00-10:00 Meet-The-Expert Session II
  • New Bone Markers: Clinical relevance
    MS Ardawi (SAU)
  • BMD & Beyond-New Diagnostics
    A Al Suhaili (UAE) & A Ghasem-Zadeh (AUS)
  • Rheumatic Manifestations in Diabetes
    E Taheri (IRN)
  • Menopausal Hormone Therapy 
    T De Villiers (ZAF)
  • Surgical Management of Fragile Bone
    M Khafajy (UAE)
09:00-10:00 Office Hours - experts review your questions and challenging cases
C Cooper (UK), L Zakraoui (TUN)
10:00-12:15 Secondary Fracture Prevention Workshop
Chairs: H Badsha (UAE), J-Y Reginster (BEL)
  • Capture the Fracture – Update
    C Cooper (UK)
  • What Makes a Good Fracture Liaison Service
    M Khafajy (UAE)
  • Proximal Humerus Fracture
    J Goldhahn (CH)
  • Fracture Liaison Services in the Middle East
    • Lebanon: G El-Hajj Fuleihan
    • Kuwait: N Al-Ali
    • Saudi Arabia: MS Ardawi
    • UAE: M Khafajy
    • Turkey: S Tuzun
12:30-13:30 Industry-sponsored Lunch Symposium
13:30-14:00 Exhibition

Moderated Poster Session
Chair: SA Majeed (JOR)

  • P108 Homa-β and PPAR-γ as Two Emerging Predictors of Bone Resorption in Metabolically Unhealthy Obesity
    Z Maghbooli*, M Talebpour, S Emamgholipour, S Gorgani, A Hossein-Nezhad
  • P111 Mechanical Analysis of Pathologic Foot
    X Jia*
  • P187 The Associations between Vitamin D, Bone Mineral Density, Muscle Mass and Falls in Elderly
    V Strazdiene, V Alekna, M Tamulaitiene, A Mastaviciute*
14:00-15:30 Plenary Session V – Challenges with Osteoporosis Therapy
Chairs: A Al Suhaili (UAE), S Ferrari (CHE)
  • Long-term Benefits-Risk
    A Khan (CAN)
  • When to Stop? When to Switch?
    H Badsha (UAE)

Oral Communications Selected from Abstracts

  • OC17 – Serum Levels of the Bone Turnover Markers DICKKOPF-1, Sclerostin, Osteoprotegerin, Osteopontin, Osteocalcin and 25-Hydroxivitamin D in Swedish Geriatric Patients Aged 75 Years or Older with a Fresh Hip Fracture and in Healthy Controls
    M H Carlsson*, P Wanby, R Nobin
  • OC18 – Bone Targeted Delivery of MSCS for Fracture Healing and Sex Difference
    W Yao*
  • OC19 – Problems of Spinal Instrumentation in Aging Osteoporotic Patients
    ZM Alzoubi*
  • OC20 – Spine-Hip Diagnostic Discordance 
    N Wilson, L Piera, K Khawaja, M Al Maini, H Al Maashari*
15:30-16:30 Plenary Session VI: What’s New On The Therapeutic Horizon
Chairs: M Khafajy (UAE), E Saba (PSE)
  • Pitfalls in the Development of Drugs in Sarcopenia
    J-Y Reginster (BEL)
  • Best Clinical Papers in 2015
    R Rizzoli (CHE)
16:30 Closing Remarks
R Rizzoli (CHE)