Joint IOF-ECTS Adherence Working Group



Chairs: A Diez-Perez, R Eastell
IOF Members: B Abrahamsen, D Agnusdei, D Bauer, ML Brandi, C Copper, E Dennison, P Hadji, M Hiligsmann, R Josse, JA Kanis, L Masi, D Prieto Alhambra, JY Reginster, R Rizzoli, S Silverman
ECTS Members: E Eriksen, N Guanabens, B Obermayer-Pietsch
Co-opted: D Black, D Gold, R Horne, V Rabenda


To define and assess the scope of the adherence problem and outline the consequences of, and factors contributing to, poor adherence


To review the cause of poor adherence and to analyze and recommend adherence-promoting practices.


Diez-Perez, A., Naylor, K.E., Abrahamsen, B. et al. International Osteoporosis Foundation & European Calcified Tissue Society Working Group.
Recommendations for the screening of adherence to oral bisphosphonates. Osteoporos Int (2017). doi:10.1007/s00198-017-3906-6

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