Alpro Soya becomes a member of IOF Committee of Corporate Advisors

Alpro Soya becomes a member of the IOF Committee of Corporate Advisors

Today Alpro Soya became a member of the IOF Committee of Corporate Advisors. With Alpro Soya the IOF has committed a strong player with an extensive knowledge about healthy food. Alpro Soya wishes to actively participate in the prevention of osteoporosis by means of its know-how in this field and by sharing its resources with the IOF.

“Osteoporosis is one of the focal points of healthcare. Alpro Soya has a wide range of calcium-enriched soy products and can thus contribute to a healthier lifestyle and to good bone health”, says Christine Debeuf, International Science & Nutrition Manager at Alpro Soya. “Alpro Soya has already been well integrated in healthy bone projects in several countries. The success of these projects motivates Alpro Soya to contribute more closely”, Debeuf concludes.

“We warmly welcome Alpro Soya as a member of the IOF Committee of Corporate Advisors. By actively participating in this dynamic IOF group, to carry out major public awareness, educational and scientific projects, Alpro Soya can make an important contribution to the fight against osteoporosis around the world,” said Daniel Navid, Chief Executive Officer of IOF.

The Belgian company Alpro Soya has produced and commercialised a varied range of food products on the basis of natural soy in the European market since 1980. Alpro Soya is part of the Vandemoortele group, the second largest Belgian food group. Alpro Soya feels very strongly about sustainable entrepreneurship and takes the three Ps – People, Planet and Profit – into account in all its activities. Several recognitions and awards confirm the success of the company. Alpro Soya has been awarded the Gazelle award of the Food Industry, the Belgian Environmental Award 2005-2006 and a second place in the Belgian Environmental Award 2007-2008.