Asian Audit

The Asian Audit This landmark report was launched on September 22 in Beijing, China in conjunction with the International Osteoporosis Foundation Worldwide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies.

It is authored by Ambrish Mithal (Lead Author), Vibha Dhingra, and Edith Lau, in cooperation with IOF member societies in 14 Asian countries, regions and territories.

This is the first time information on epidemiology, burden and costs in individual countries, as well as collectively across Asia, has been collected in one document. IOF hopes the report will be used as a tool to both generate media and to support the call for improved fracture prevention and management across Asia.

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INDIVIDUAL COUNTRY/territory* chapters
Executive Summary   English (PDF 182.5 KB)
Chinese Taipei   English (PDF 298.5 KB)
India   English (PDF 486.1 KB)
Indonesia   English (PDF 539.5 KB)
Japan   English (PDF 462.8 KB)
Republic of Korea   English (PDF 621.8 KB)
Malaysia   English (PDF 218 KB)
Pakistan   English (PDF 798.1 KB)
Phillipines   English (PDF 408.1 KB)
Singapore   English (PDF 485.1 KB)
Sri Lanka   English (PDF 560.6 KB)
Thailand   English (PDF 493.9 KB)
Viet Nam   English (PDF 360.7 KB)
*Note: UN terminology used for countries/regions/territories    
Asian Audit presentations
Overview Key Findings   Chinese (PDF 771.6 KB)
China   Chinese (PDF 515.9 KB)
Hong Kong-Chinese Taipei   Chinese (PDF 509.3 KB)
Malaysia   Chinese (PDF 248 KB)
Philippines   Chinese (PDF 573.4 KB)
Singapore   Chinese (PDF 571.1 KB)
Sri Lanka   Chinese (PDF 581.5 KB)
Thailand   Chinese (PDF 571.1 KB)