Bone and Cardiovascular Disease Working Group


Chairs: J Cannata-Andia, S Ferrari

Members: D Agnusdei, J Carey, E Cavalier, A Cheung, C Confavreux, J Foldes, C Glüer, N Hamdy, K Javaid, OD Messina, N Napoli, S Papapoulos, D Prieto-Alhambra, P Szulc


To review the links between vascular calcification and bone fragility, showing that chronic kidney disease is as a common denominator and a catalyst of the relationship between osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.


  • To review the pathophysiological mechanisms linking vascular/valve calcification with bone loss and bone fragility
  • To review the epidemiological evidence of the vascular/bone links trying to separate the typical medial vascular calcification from plaques/arteriosclerotic calcification
  • To review the usefulness of pulse wave velocity as a possible surrogate marker of bone health


Publication to come