This report, published in October 2008, provides a snapshot of the progress and challenges in osteop Read more
The 'Report on Osteoporosis in the European Community. Action for Prevention', published in June 1998, is a landmark publication which catalyzed action on osteoporosis throughout Europe. Read more
This audit report was published in December 2001, when a newly-created European Parliament Osteoporosis Interest Group is Read more
This report, published in November 2003, was launched in November 2003 at the European Parliament in Brussels by the European Union Osteoporosis Consultation Panel. Read more
This 2004 publication primarily reports on the major press event organized at the European Parliament in Brussels on N Read more
This review report published in February 2005 summarizes the state of osteoporosis in Europe as reported by members of the European Union Osteoporosis Consultation Panel Meetin Read more
This landmark regional audit report, the first of its kind for the region was published in December 2010. It is the first publication to consolidate information on the status of osteoporosis in the region, covering 21 countries. A preliminary report, comprising key findings and the reports for several countries (including the Russian Federation) was presented in St. Petersburg, Russia on... Read more


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