Middle East & Africa Audit

Gathering data from 17 countries in the Middle East and Africa as well as Turkey, this landmark report examines epidemiology, costs and burden in individual countries as well as collectively across the region.

The report was launched on October 22, 2011 at the close of the IOF Regionals - 1st Middle East and Africa Osteoporosis Meeting held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Arabic (PDF, 3.48 MB)


Findings Include:

  • In some countries (for e.g. Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria) the number of hip fractures is projected to quadruple by 2050.
  • Solid epidemiological research on osteoporosis and fracture incidence, and related relevant outcomes, is scarce at best.
  • Access to densitometry and care is limited in many countries, often only available in urban areas.
  • Reimbursement for diagnostics and therapeutics varies widely.
  • Level of awareness of osteoporosis among primary healthcare professionals is estimated as poor to medium in many countries.
  • Education and lifestyle prevention programmes for the general public are generally lacking.

A primary recommendation of this report is the need for more research to gather the necessary evidence that would aid health authorities to develop comprehensive healthcare policies at all levels.

Individual Country Reports
Executive Summary English (PDF, 2.57 MB) Arabic (PDF, 915 KB)
Bahrain English (PDF, 447.2 KB) Arabic (PDF, 200 KB)
Egypt English (PDF, 428.3 KB) Arabic (PDF, 184 KB)
Iran English (PDF, 474.3 KB) Arabic (PDF, 153 KB)
Iraq English (PDF, 224 KB) Arabic (PDF, 99 KB)
Jordan English (PDF, 749.1 KB) Arabic (PDF, 247 KB)
Kenya English (PDF, 241.9 KB) Arabic (PDF, 103 KB)
Kuwait English (PDF, 406.3 KB) Arabic (PDF, 192 KB)
Lebanon English (PDF, 402.1 KB) Arabic (PDF, 167 KB)
Morocco English (PDF, 870.2 KB) Arabic (PDF, 355 KB)
Palestine English (PDF, 261.4 KB) Arabic (PDF, 118 KB)
Qatar English (PDF, 263 KB) Arabic (PDF, 129 KB)
Saudi Arabia English (PDF, 560.8 KB) Arabic (PDF, 260 KB)
South Africa English (PDF, 465.7 KB) Arabic (PDF, 177 KB)
Syria English (PDF, 370.2 KB) Arabic (PDF, 112 KB)
Tunisia English (PDF, 357.8 KB) Arabic (PDF, 133 KB)
Turkey English (PDF, 878.2 KB) Arabic (PDF, 155 KB)
United Arab Emirates English (PDF, 389.4 KB) Arabic (PDF, 1.22 MB)