Eastern European & Central Asian Audit

Eastern European Central Asian Audit coverThis landmark regional audit report, the first of its kind for the region, was published in December 2010. It is the first publication to consolidate information on the status of osteoporosis in the region, covering 21 countries.

A preliminary report, comprising key findings and the reports for several countries (including the Russian Federation) was presented in St. Petersburg, Russia on September 27, 2010. The complete regional audit assesses current and projected disease burden, and identifies gaps in knowledge and care, relevant to osteoporosis in the region. Read the press releases of September 2010 and February 2011.

Download the complete audit
English (PDF, 5.71 MB)
Russian (PDF, 6.35 MB)

Individual Country Reports
Armenia English (PDF, 315.7 KB) Russian (PDF, 335 KB)
Azerbaijan English (PDF, 159.4 KB) Russian (PDF, 167.5 KB)
Belarus English (PDF, 351.2 KB) Russian (PDF, 356.3 KB)
Bulgaria English (PDF, 347.9 KB) Russian (PDF, 357.8 KB)
Czech Republic English (PDF, 288.5 KB) Russian (PDF, 311.9 KB)
Estonia English (PDF, 298.2 KB) Russian (PDF, 304.6 KB)
Georgia English (PDF, 168.9 KB) Russian (PDF, 173.3 KB)
Hungary English (PDF, 264.4 KB) Russian (PDF, 271.5 KB)
Kazakhstan English (PDF, 397.3 KB) Russian (PDF, 405.1 KB)
Kyrgyzstan English (PDF, 268.2 KB) Russian (PDF, 275.6 KB)
Latvia English (PDF, 191.6 KB) Russian (PDF, 193.8 KB)
Lithuania English (PDF, 190.6 KB) Russian (PDF, 196.1 KB)
Moldova English (PDF, 193.6 KB) Russian (PDF, 240.3 KB)
Poland English (PDF, 189.8 KB) Russian (PDF, 196.1 KB)
Romania English (PDF, 195 KB) Russian (PDF, 197.1 KB)
Russia English (PDF, 1.2 MB) Russian (PDF, 1.22 MB)
Slovakia English (PDF, 270.8 KB) Russian (PDF, 266.6 KB)
Slovenia English (PDF, 270.4 KB) Russian (PDF, 269.8 KB)
Tajikistan English (PDF, 202.6 KB) Russian (PDF, 199.6 KB)
Ukraine English (PDF, 390.9 KB) Russian (PDF, 399.2 KB)
Uzbekistan English (PDF, 283.9 KB) Russian (PDF, 281.2 KB)