Ego Seeman

Ego Seeman is Professor of Medicine and Endocrinologist at the Department of Medicine and Endocrinology, Austin Health, University of Melbourne. He has worked in the study of metabolic bone disease for 30 years and has over 300 publications in the field. He is Past President of the Australian and New Zealand Bone mineral Society, Editor of Progress in Osteoporosis, Associate Editor of Osteoporosis International and on the editorial board of Bone and JBMR.

Professor Seeman is a Board Member of the International osteoporosis Foundation. He received the 2002 Fred C. Bartter Award from the American Society of Bone Mineral Research, the 2008 Austin Hospital Medical Research Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award recevied the 2009 International Osteoporosis Foundation Medal of Achievement for Outstanding Investigation in Osteoporosis Research.

Last updated March 2012