Francophone Launch of WOD 2006 in Paris turns journalists into chefs

Friday the 13th of October turned out to be an auspicious date for IOF's World Osteoporosis Day 2006 international francophone launch. Journalists were turned into chefs to highlight nutrition's essential role in building strong bones.
Speakers at the event included from left to right: IOF President Pierre D. Delmas, Prof. Thierry Thomas (GRIO), Ms. Daniela Meyer (IOF), Prof. Christian Roux (GRIO) Master chef Martial Enguehard

Journalists from a variety of healthcare and lifestyle publications were on hand for a press conference, held at the modern Kare Magique, that began with IOF President Professor Pierre Delmas briefing participants on the fact that after 50 years of age, one in three women and one in five men will suffer an osteoporotic fracture, an incidence higher than that of breast cancer and prostate cancer, respectively. Professor Delmas also discussed the huge economic burden the disease presents to many societies. Finishing on a positive note, he added that to a certain extent osteoporosis is preventable by building peak bone mass, and that it is easily diagnosed and treated.

Professeur Christian Roux, President of the Groupe de Recherche et d’Information sur l’Osteoporose (GRIO), one of the French national osteoporosis societies and a member of IOF, informed the press about the important role that a nutritious, balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D plays in helping prevent osteoporosis.

Also representing GRIO, Professor Thierry Thomas then mentioned that in keeping with WOD’s “Bone Appétit” theme of good nutrition: “in some thirty cities across France, conferences and workshops are concretely illustrating to the public the importance of nutrition, and particularly calcium, in helping prevent osteoporosis.”

Daniela Meyer, a member of IOF’s communication department, reviewed the international activities taking place worldwide for WOD and introduced the range of materials produced for IOF’s 173 national societies in 86 locations, including publications, posters, and a DVD of public service announcements by well-known celebrities and osteoporosis advocates.

Closing the conference segment of the day, master chef Martial Enguehard – Chef Martial to students of his renowned cooking school in Paris – reassured the audience that a bone-friendly diet can also be delicious and easy to prepare as well as nutritious.

A featured celebrity on IOF’s Public Service Announcements DVD, Chef Martial said he likes “to create menus that are healthy and balanced and that means considering their calcium and vitamin D content.” He suggested everyone should do the same in their kitchens, always taking pleasure in cooking, which he believes is the secret to a successful dish.
He invited the press to accompany him to a combined kitchen and dining area where they were invited to change roles from passive observer to active participant as co-chefs of a bone-friendly lunch. At their tables they found the necessary tools, including bright orange aprons, lime-green or red kitchen scissors, sauce spoons, a cutting board, and a herbal centrepiece of potted basil, coriander, chives and flat parsley, as well as fresh lemons for seasoning and pistachios for garnish.

Chef Martial instructed the amateur chefs in preparing a starter of salmon rolls with vegetables and a Bulgarian yogurt sauce, and later, a dessert of fresh fig “transparence”. In between, they were treated to a main dish of red tuna steak with an emulsion of watercress and mascarpone, followed by some of France’s renowned cheeses. Along the way, the chef pinpointed the nutritional value of the fish and dairy products used.

Chef Martial is generously donating his recipes for the salmon rolls and fresh fig “transparence” to IOF, now
The event was supported by IOF's four Global Gold Sponsors for World Osteoporosis Day: MSD, Novartis, Fonterra and Tetra Pak.