German president runs against osteoporosis

German President Horst Köhler was the most prominent celebrity to join the 10th Berliner Bundestagslauf 'Run Against Osteoporosis', organized by the German National Initiative Against Osteoporosis (NIO) with IOF support.
German President Horst Köhler und his wife Eva Luise after the ‘Lauf gegen Osteoporose’ with representatives of the National Initiative Against Osteoporosis, Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Kurth (DVO), Prof. Dr. –Ing. Georg Duda (DVO), Dr. med. Karsten Dreinhöfer (BJD) und Ingeborg Linde (DOP).

Despite pouring rainfall, 600 runners participated in the 10th Berliner Bundestagslauf ‘Lauf gegen Osteoporosis’ (Run Against Osteoporosis) organized on May 6, 2009 by the German National Initiative Against Osteoporosis (NIO) with IOF support. Of the many VIPs in attendance, the most prominent participant was certainly Bundespräsident Horst Köhler and his wife Eva Luise, who ran the 7.200 m and 3.600 m distances respectively.

This high profile event has successfully drawn attention to the ‘silent disease’, sensitizing public attention to the need for early diagnosis and therapy of high-risk patients. “Early diagnosis and effective treatment of osteoporosis should be the common goals of the medical community, patients and society as a whole,” said Professor Dr. Andreas Kurth, Professor of Orthopaedics at the Medical University of Köln. “Osteoporotic fractures cause unnecessary suffering and huge socio-economic costs, yet they can be prevented. The necessary preventative measures and procedures have been outlined by the Umbrella Organization of Osteology (DVO).”

With significant participation among politicians and other well-known sport personalities, the run has become an annual tradition that has raised the prominence of osteoporosis among the media, policy-makers and the public. And, as testified by all the smiling faces, it has clearly become an enjoyable, not-to-be-missed event on the annual calendar.