Love Your Bones symbol

Love Your Bones is the global symbol for bone health that unites people in the fight against osteoporosis. The idea behind the Love Your Bones symbol is to empower people to take charge of their bone health. When you engage with Love Your Bones, you are making noise to let the world know that you are joining the global bone health movement and are committed to spreading the message on the prevention and control of osteoporosis; a silent disease that results in fractures which can cause serious disability and lead to loss of independence or early death.

How can I use the Love Your Bones symbol?

Love Your Bones logoThe campaign is strengthened and represented using the Love Your Bones symbol. This graphic element is available in a variety of languages (if yours doesn't exist, please contact us) and can be used in many ways.

As an individual

  • append to your social media messaging
  • Use it on T-shirts - print the logo to make your own.

As a company or organization

  • add it to your institution's website
  • use in social media messaging, including the #LoveYourBones hashtag for maximum discoverability
  • append to partner and supporter logos
  • print on marketing items (t-shirts, hats, keychains, etc.)
  • on bone-healthy products as a seal of approval
  • use in combination with World Osteoporosis Day campaign messaging


World Osteoporosis Day logo

Love Your Bones multi-lingual logo collage

The International Osteoporosis Foundation welcomes the widespread use of the World Osteoporosis Day logo in order to raise awareness of osteoporosis and bone health, and establish the Love Your Bones speech bubble as the global symbol for osteoporosis prevention and care.

On request, IOF member associations, corporate partners and other individuals and non-profit organizations are permitted to use the logo in promotional documents and official publications. Written permission must be obtained from the International Osteoporosis Foundation prior to publication. All requests should be addressed to

For-profit organizations and companies that are not yet corporate partners of IOF should contact to establish an agreement for logo usage.

The World Osteoporosis Day logo is available for download in the languages listed below. Each ZIP file contains an EPS version for high quality reproduction, a PNG version suitable for full screen projection, and a PNG version the size of a web logo.

If you find any errors, have suggestions for improvements or are able to provide us with the text of the logo in additional languages, please get in touch with us at