IOF Executive Committee accepts resignation of IOF CEO Patrice McKenney

Judy Stenmark to become CEO as of July 1, 2012; Ms. McKenney commended for her invaluable services to the International Osteoporosis Foundation

IOF Chief Executive Officer Patrice McKenney officially announced her resignation today, effective June 30, 2012.

“It was an honor and a pleasure to work on behalf of the International Osteoporosis Foundation these past four years”, stated IOF CEO Patrice McKenney. “Although I have decided to return to the United States to pursue other interests, both personal and professional, I am confident that IOF is now well positioned to face future challenges. I am sure that that IOF’s most productive days lie ahead and I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.”

The IOF Executive Committee regretfully accepted Ms. McKenney’s resignation and at the same time was pleased to announce that IOF COO Judy Stenmark will take over the role of CEO commencing July 1, 2012.

IOF President John Kanis commented, “We owe Patrice McKenney a great debt of thanks, she has served IOF in an exemplary manner and through her commitment and expertise has led IOF through an important structural transition. She leaves IOF as a solid, stable organization which is more active and effective than ever before. I am delighted that Ms. McKenney has offered to remain available to assist the organization as needed and to ensure a smooth transition.  At the same time we are confident that Judy Stenmark is well prepared to succeed to the position of CEO and look forward to working with her in this capacity.”