IOF Global Patient Charter

Osteoporosis is a major public health concern. It is an underlying cause of chronic pain, long-term disability and premature death. Yet the condition remains severely underdiagnosed and undertreated. This must stop!

Through this Charter, as a patient or family member of a patient, I call for the rights to:

  • DIAGNOSIS: Timely and accurate assessment of fracture risk, falls risk and diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • PATIENT CARE: Access to effective intervention options (treatment, lifestyle changes) and to regular drug treatment review by appropriate healthcare professional 
  • PATIENT VOICE: Involvement and choice in a long-term management plan with defined goals
  • SUPPORT: Care and support from society and healthcare providers, to ensure active and independent living

Help drive improvement, and show your support:

  • PATIENTS: speak to your physician to identify your risk, and take action for change
  • HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: protect communities’ bone health through appropriate assessment and treatment
  • POLICYMAKERS, HEALTHCARE AUTHORITIES AND NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS: support the establishment of coordinated models of care (Fracture Liaison Services) to help reduce the global human and socioeconomic burden of fragility fractures

Show your commitment, sign the IOF Global Patient Charter. Your signatures will help raise the profile of this silent disease, to make fracture prevention a global health priority.

Charter Endorsement:

  • The IOF Global Patient Charter has been developed in collaboration with its Committee of National Societies (CNS), and has been endorsed by 89 international societies to date.
    IOF is grateful to the Organizations and Associations which have supported the Charter. By endorsing the IOF Global Patient Charter, organizations demonstrate their firm commitment to the Charter’s principlesas a means of raising public awareness and ultimately improving patient care.

    If you are an IOF member society or an NGO in a health-related field and would like to show your support by endorsing the Charter, please write to IOF at

  • We also invite all organizations to help us gather individual signatures by sharing the link to this page, or by circulating the petition form below, among their members.