IOF-IFCC Bone Marker Standards Working Group



Chair: E Cavalier

IOF: K Åkesson, O Bruyère, C Cooper, R Eastell, J Foldes, P Garnero, NR Jørgensen, JA Kanis, N Lane, M McClung, S Silverman
IFCC: HP Bhattoa, V Delatour, A Griesmacher, A Heijboer, C Sempos, C Sturgeon, C Ulmer, S Vasikaran, H Vesper



This working group seeks to identify consensus reference standard markers for bone resorption and bone formation, for fracture risk assessment and monitoring of osteoporosis treatment. 


  • Harmonisation and standardisation of selected bone markers (CTX and P1NP)
  • Clinical usefulness of bone turnover marker levels


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