IOF launches two-year worldwide campaign in Beijing; China Osteoporosis White Paper launched

On World Osteoporosis Day 2008, IOF launched a two-year worldwide campaign in Beijing, hosted by the China Health Promotion Foundation.
From left: Dr. Yingming Chang, Professor Edith Lau, Professor Hanmin Zhu, Yiqin Chen, Daniel Navid, Dr.Shuzhong Bai, Prof. John Kanis, Zengdong Lee, Prof. Harry Genant, Xiaochun Wang

On World Osteoporosis Day 2008, the International Osteoporosis Foundation launched a two-year worldwide campaign in Beijing on October 20, 2008. The theme of "Stand Tall - Speak out for your bones" set the stage for an informative and successful media conference held in both Chinese and English.

The IOF and the China Health Promotion Foundation (CHPF) jointly presented the first China Osteoporosis White Paper. IOF President John Kanis said at the launching ceremony that China has the largest population and the largest elderly population in the world - therefore it has the largest osteoporosis-affected population. Kanis said that 69.44 million Chinese above the age of 50 are estimated to have osteoporosis, and 213.9 million people age over 50 are estimated to be affected by low bone mass. Given the enormous impact of the disease the country, China is of great importance in the world ‘s efforts to solve the global health problem of osteoporosis.

CHPF Chairman Bai Shuzhong briefed the press about the major activities to be held in China as part of the worldwide campaign. According to the CHPF Chairman, as a part of the world campaign, the CHPF will establish a bone disease fund; continue to carry out the program of the Silver Ribbon Osteoporosis prevention and treatment and Project on Milk and Bone Health. He said that the CHPF as a partner of the IOF will conduct the osteoporosis surveys in the country.

Journalists representing more than 30 media channels covered this event. In total more than 40 media institutes covered the event, including the largest Chinese news agency Xinhua, the  government paper People’s Daily, and China Radio International. As a result more than 26 newspaper and magazine articles were published. The prominent message was World Osteoporosis Day and the 2008-2009 Bone Health Activism Campaign. Messages were sent to more than 1 million people via SINA.COM and via electronic mobile system.

The press conference was followed by an informative 'Top Forum of Osteoporosis Prevention and Management' with presentations on a number of topics related to osteoporosis in China and issues of treatment and management. Speakers included: IOF President John Kanis, IOF Board member Edith Lau; IOF Board member Harry K. Genant; IOF Senior Consultant Daniel Navid; CHPF Chairman Bai ShuZhong and Chinese senior osteoporosis expert Zhu Hanmin.