IOF National White Papers

IOF National White PapersIncreasingly, International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) member societies see the need to lobby health officials to make osteoporosis a priority health issue. In order to convince health officials osteoporosis is a priority, IOF members have found a comprehensive economic analysis is an essential tool.

While some global or regional data are available, it is of greater impact to provide relevant national information. These may come from government or private databases, scientific publications, IOF data, and other local sources.

In order to assist its member societies, IOF has provided a template for creating a National White Paper of economic and epidemiological impact of osteoporosis. The advantage of a standard template is that each IOF society can compare their own data against those of neighbouring countries, and see what the relative strengths and weaknesses are.

IOF invites member national societies to download the template in the IOF Committe Members section of this website.

White Paper Reports currently available include those from Australia, Canada and New Zealand:


The Australian white paper is entitled The Burden of Brittle Bones: Costing Osteoporosis in Australia (PDF, 298 KB). This landmark document commissioned by Osteoporosis Australia and published in 2001, provided new statistics for the burden and costs of disease in Australia that have proved to be of enormous help in lobbying efforts. Osteoporosis Australia completed an update of the White Paper titled The Burdren of Brittle Bones: 2007 (PDF 1.99 MB).


The Canadian white paper is entitled Osteoporosis: Preventing a Fractured Future (PDF, 275 KB). Using data from the Society's own evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis, together with evidence of a gap of care for osteoporosis in Canada, the policy document recommended priorities for Government action. One successful outcome was that in 2005, a far-reaching osteoporosis strategy was announced in the province of Ontario, supported by an ongoing financial investment by the provincial Government. 

New Zealand

A White Paper report, The Burden of Osteoporosis in New Zealand: 2007-2020 (PDF, 1 MB) was commissioned by Osteoporosis New Zealand. The report estimates that a fracture occurs in New Zealand every 6 minutes, and if nothing is done, this will increase to 120,000 people with fractures by 2020, with a fracture every 41/2 minutes. The report estimated the direct cost of treating fractures to be over $300 million per annum.