IOF Risk check

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Good news! You have not identified any risk factors for osteoporosis. You should nevertheless lead a bone-healthy lifestyle and monitor your risks in the future.
Take action today to to protect your bone health by leading a bone-healthy lifestyle !

  • Increase your levels of physical activity – aim to exercise for 30-40 minutes, three to four times each week with some weight-bearing and resistance exercises in the programme.
  • Ensure a nutritious, balanced diet which includes enough dietary calcium– See IOM calcium recommendations, or find out how much is recommended in your country.
  • Dairy intolerance? Find out about calcium-rich alternatives, or explore which dairy products (yoghurt?) you can enjoy in moderation. Use the IOF calcium calculator to estimate your approximate calcium intake.
  • Spend more time outdoors to ensure you are getting enough vitamin D, or take supplements if required.
  • If you’re currently smoking – STOP
  • Drink alcohol only in moderation.

For further information about osteoporosis, contact your national osteoporosis society.