IOF Pediatric Bone Health Training Course launched in Buenos Aires

IOF Latin America held the first IOF Pediatric Bone Health Training Course on June 6, 2008. Some 80 physicians from across the region travelled to Buenos Aires to learn about osteoporosis and bone health in children.

It is often said that osteoporosis is a ‘pediatric disease’ that manifests itself in adulthood. In fact, children who achieve their highest possible peak bone mass reduce the risk of osteoporotic fracture in later life – one estimate is that a 10% increase of peak bone mass reduces the risk of an osteoporotic fracture during adult life by about 50%.

The IOF Pediatric Bone Health Training Course provides a concise overview of diagnostic issues, endocrine and non-endocrine causes, and osteoporosis treatment in children. This course is a new IOF educational program, created to increase awareness and knowledge of physicians about the importance of educating children and families about bone health.

The one-day course, held in Buenos Aires, was organized by the course leader Dr. José Zanchetta, IOF Latin American Representative and Board member, in conjunction with the Committee of Scientific Advisors. The course material is designed for pediatricians (practitioners, nephrologists and endocrinologists), nutritionists, pediatric physical therapists, as well as participants from pharmaceutical industries. Discussion periods, roundtable sessions and case reports were included throughout the program to encourage direct interactions between registered participants and faculty members.

The course was well received by the physicians, which included attendees from Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico. Because of the success of this first course, IOF Latin America now plans to organize the same training program every June in Buenos Aires. CNS regional members are working with IOF in order to facilitate similar courses in other countries and plans are being made to hold the course in Uruguay in 2008 and in Colombia in 2009.

Further information in Spanish can be found online at: [link]... [/link]