Malaysian Osteoporosis Society (MOS)

The Malaysian Osteoporosis Society (Persatuan Osteoporosis Malaysia) was formed in November 1996 witht he aim of improvng the care of patients with osteoporosis. The Society actvities include conducting CME lectures, scientific meetings and public forums. The Society was involved in formulating 1st Malaysian Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) on osteoporosis management in 2000, which was revised in 2006 and is currently in the process of being updated. Membership is open to doctors only.

Osteoporosis Awareness Society of Kuala Lumpur (OASKL)

The Osteoporosis Awareness Society of Kuala Lumpur (OASKL) is committed to promoting Health Bone for Life. It's about caring for our bones at every stage of life - from pregnancy and childhood, to young adulthood and throught he senior years. Through community education activities, we hope to encourage more people to take the positive steps that will keep osteoporosis at bay while letting them enjoy a long and healthy life.