Satellite Symposia

All Satellite Symposia held in Ballroom 2


Osteoporosis and the Fragility Fracture Patient: Reducing Risk and Optimising Outcomes
Satellite Symposium – ELI LILLY
Speakers/Panelists: Dr Lee Joon Kiong, Dr Lau Tang Chin and Dr Robert Lindsay

  • An interactive case-based panel discussion exploring various topics related to the optimal management of patients who suffer osteoporosis-related fragility fractures; Expert discussion will explore the burden of illness, fragility fracture risk factors, times that warrant objective evaluation of bone parameters, and multimodal treatments that reduce the risk for future fractures
  • Panelists will pose questions to attendees, who will anonymously answer using an automated response system about their approaches to patient care
  • Panelists will provide evidence-based and empirical insights that clarify topics that impinge on patient care
  • A question and answer session will allow attendees to submit questions related to the programme for which they would like a more detailed response from the speakers



Evolving Evidence for Current and Future Treatments in Osteoporosis
Satellite Symposium – MSD
Chair: SP Chan (MYS) 

  • Opening remarks, SP Chan (MYS)
  • New data in the treatment of osteoporosis: A focus on vitamin D, Serge Ferrari (CHE)
  • Long-term treatment of osteoporosis – Where do we go from here?, John Eisman (AUS)
  • Odanacatib: Emerging data on a novel approach for the treatment of osteoporosis,
    Socrates Papapoulos (NLD)
  • Q&A and panel discussion, Faculty
  • Closing remarks, SP Chan (MYS)


Improvement of Bone Microarchitecture: The foundation for a better protection against fractures
Satellite Symposium – SERVIER 
Chairs: Siew Pheng Chan (MYS), Cyrus Cooper (GBR)

  • Introduction – Addressing the burden of osteoporosis in Asia: our challenges ahead,
    Siew Pheng Chan (MYS)
  • Microarchitecture, the key to bone quality, René Rizzoli (CHE)
  • From early fracture prevention to a continuous broad protection with strontium ranelate, Steven Boonen (BEL)
  • Bone repair and fracture healing in osteoporosis, Jean-Marc Féron (FRA)
  • Future perspectives with strontium ranelate, Cyrus Cooper (GBR)
  • Conclusion, Cyrus Cooper (GBR)

Global vitamin D deficiency and implications for health

Satellite Symposium -  DSM

  • Vitamin D status in Malaysia,  G.L. Khor
  • Vitamin D status in Thailand and South East Asia,   P. Yuktanandana
  • Global view on Vitamin D status (incl. imp. health care),   P. Ebeling
  • Panel: (Chaired by Dr. M Eggersdorfer)  
    -to provide guidance on improving Vitamin D status
    -to highlight what is required to initiate public health intervention programs    
  • Q&A


A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Satellite Symposium – GSK
Chair: Joon Kiong Lee (MYS)

  • Welcome and introduction, Joon Kiong Lee (MYS)
  • Primary care physicians (GPs) perspectives & challenges in osteoporosis management, Joon Kiong Lee (MYS)
  • Beyond FREEDOM: Long-term efficacy and safety with denosumab, Serge Ferrari (CHE)
  • Panel discussion & summary, Faculty
  • Close, Joon Kiong Lee (MYS)