Latin America Guidelines

This page features osteoporosis guidelines from the Latin America region. International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) does not officially endorse national or regional guidelines. This is because osteoporosis prevalence and aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of fractures are country or region-specific. Please note that the listing may not be up to date, and there may be multiple guidelines from any one country or region.

References are available here. Where available a link to the full text of a guideline is provided.

If your country or region has issued osteoporosis guidelines which are not included here, or if updated guidelines are available, please contact us.

Country or Region Title of Guideline Date
Argentina Guías 2012 para diagnóstico, la prevención y el tratamiento de la steoporosis.
(ref 23).

Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of glucorticoid-induced osteoporosis (ref 52 )

Recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of hypovitaminosis D (ref  64)




Chile Guías de Diagnóstico, Prevención y Tratamiento de Osteoporosis (ref 22) 2006
Latin America Consenso Iberomericano de Osteoporosis SIBOMM 2009 / Osteoporosis: Prevención, Diagnóstico y Tratamiento (ref. 40) 2009