World Osteoporosis Day 2015

Serve Up Bone Strength


World Osteoporosis Day focuses on a specific theme every year. In 2015 the campaign focuses on nutrition. Osteoporosis is often considered to be an old person's disease, but its prevention starts in the early days of one's life. A healthy diet with bone-healthy ingredients goes a long way in ensuring healthy bones and therefore preventing this silent disease.

Specifically, the 2015 World Osteoporosis Day campaign aimed to:

  • Educate people on the importance of bone-healthy nutrition through their life stages
  • Inform individuals if they take charge of their bone health throughout their life-course they can optimize their chances of living independent, mobile lives, free of painful and often debilitating osteoporotic fractures, which can lead to early death

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Love Your Bones logo

As a part of our ongoing strategy to put bone health at the forefront of World Osteoporosis Day, we have created a logo to unite all stakeholders around the action point of Love Your Bones. Download the logo here:


World Osteoporosis Day 2015 Resources

Campaign Toolkit

WOD 2015 campaign toolkit

See how you can implement the 2015 World Osteoporosis Day campaign in your setting, whether you're an individual, an organization, a company, or media.



Serve Up Bone Strength - WOD 2015 - broccoli Serve Up Bone Strength - WOD 2015 - sardines Serve Up Bone Strength - WOD 2015 - yoghurt

Patient Brochure

Serve Up Bone Strength Throughout Life

A complete guide for bone-healthy nutrition from early childhood to late adulthood. Covers the three main bone-healthy nutrients, calcium, vitamin D and protein, as well as micronutrients and other nutritional factors.

Fact Sheet

WOD 2015 nutrition fact sheet

Nutrition fact sheet

Do you have a quick question? Get all the facts quickly and easily in bullet form.

Dairy fact sheet

Dispel the ‎myths about ‎dairy foods.
‎Milk, yoghurt and other dairy foods are an excellent source of ‎calcium, phosphorus, ‎protein and other nutrients that are important for ‎bone health.

Thematic Report

Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Bones thematic report

This report highlights the role that nutrition plays in the development and maintenance of a healthy skeleton throughout the life-course. It addresses the public health challenges associated with insufficient intake of calcium, vitamin D and protein as well as other micronutrients crucial to musculoskeletal health, while outlining strategies to address these shortfalls. Beginning with the importance of maternal nutrition to the growing foetus the report continues through the life stages to put the spotlight on the necessity for: children and adolescents to build maximum peak bone mass; adults to avoid premature bone loss; and seniors to prevent osteoporosis and get appropriate treatment, where necessary




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