The Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases (IFOB)

Society The Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases (IFOB)
Office Address PO Box 32023 Israel
Phone + 972 3 528 6550
Fax + 972 4 627 45 49
Geographical Area Covered All the country is covered
Year of foundation 1998
Organization name in local language עמותת עיל"א (עמותה ישראלית לאוסטיאופורוזיס)
Number of members 7000

Services Provided
Telephone helpline Open line – location: in 2 hospitals
Patient support groups Yes
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors Yes

Chief Executive Officer Mrs Irit Inbar
Representative at IOF Ms MIRA VARDI
Number of staff members 2

Science/medical A seminar for doctors – How to lecture about osteoporosis; Publications: "You can treat your bone", "Questions and answers", "More about osteoporosis"; 1 Newsletter, video on first steps to understand what is osteoporosis, doctors slide set
Support local, regional groups 5
Public awareness and education Video, TV and radio activities, newsletter for patients 4 in a year
Lobbying Lobbying politicians and health authorities
Fundraising, finance and administration Funds from donations and commercial corporations, public fund raising, membership fees; Other sources of funding: Industry (food industry), family funds