Israel Society on Calcified Tissues Research

Society Israel Society on Calcified Tissues Research
Office Address Osteoporosis Center Israel
Phone + 972 50 857 3999
Fax (972) 39 37 61 43
Geographical Area Covered Israel
Year of foundation 1971
Number of members 120

Services Provided
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors Yes

Chief Executive Officer Secretaries: Zus Bar Shavit Shraga Shany
Representative at IOF Professor A. Joseph Foldes
Number of staff members 0

Science/medical Local (regional) and national meetings, continuing education or special courses with practitioners, hospital doctors and nurses; One ot two national meetings each year, international workshops every 2-3 years; Exhibition material
Support local, regional groups Yes, with Cyprus and Greece
Public awareness and education Meetings, mainly in the field of osteoporosis, general public advice through local specialised clinics
Fundraising, finance and administration Funds from commercial corporations, usually for meetings and workshops, membership fees