Osteoporose Stichting

Society Osteoporose Stichting
Office Address Postbus 435 Netherlands
Phone +31 73 521 9445
Geographical Area Covered The Netherlands
Year of foundation 1992
Membership categories FRIENDS

Services Provided
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors Yes

Representative at IOF Ms Carla Suijkerbuijk
Staff members Ms Carla Suijkerbuijk c.c.m.suijkerbuijk@osteoporosestichting.nl
Number of staff members 4

Science/medical Scientific Advisory Board
Public awareness and education About 25 regional meetings per year; exhibition material,posters, TV and radio activities, 10 booklets.
Lobbying Yes
Fundraising, finance and administration Funds from donations, sponsoring from organizations, FRIENDS from the Foundation