Fundacion Costarricense de Osteoporosis

Society Fundacion Costarricense de Osteoporosis
Office Address Pinares de Curridabat Costa Rica
Phone + 506 227 12835
Fax +506 898 149 46
Geographical Area Covered Costa Rica
Year of foundation 2000

Services Provided
Telephone helpline 800-POROS
Patient support groups yes
Education materials for public yes
Education materials for doctors yes

Chief Executive Officer Prof. Luis Jimenez Briceno
Representative at IOF Prof. Luis Jimenez Briceno
Number of staff members 5

Science/medical Training in diagnosis/ management of osteoporosis for practitioners and hospital doctors, training in patient education for nurses, meetings and conferences
Public awareness and education Informative brochures, meetings every 2 weeks, exhibition material (slides for speeches), video in project, interviews on TV and radio, medical advice/ education for general public, newsletter in project, slide-set, exhibition material (slides/ videos from pharmaceutical companies)
Fundraising, finance and administration Funds from donations (50 %), public fund raising(50 %)