National Association ReumaZorg Nederland

Society National Association ReumaZorg Nederland
Office Address PO Box 58 Netherlands
Phone +31618647139
Geographical Area Covered National
Year of foundation 2014
Organization name in local language Nationale Vereniging ReumaZorg Nederland
Membership categories Patients locally and regionally based patient organisations harbouring members with all kinds of rheumatic diseases and/or osteoporosis.
Number of members 34 organisations with their members / we are going to start a campaign soon for enlisting individual members, at this moment already 234 individual members listed.

Services Provided
Patient support groups information through different channels, contacts between patient organisations, contacts between patients, advocacy on important issues for patients, workshops on different themes, for example for young patients on work and study issues, training patients taking part in research. Patient newsletter / magazine: 4 times a year.

Chief Executive Officer drs. P. Pennings
Representative at IOF drs. G. Willemsen- de Mey
Number of staff members 3

Support local, regional groups How many? 34 Where? Across the Netherlands on local and regional level.
Lobbying Wherever it is important to have the interests of the patients with rheumatism brought forward/ defended.