BoneBlast June 2014

IOF BoneBlast • June 2014

Train health-care professionals through an Osteoporosis Essentials course

Host a course and make a valuable contribution to clinician and technologist training in your country. The hugely popular IOF-ISCD course now offers a practical package option for the post-course Attestation of Achievement Exam.

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Read the latest Capture the Fracture newsletter

Currently, 63 Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) have submitted their system for recognition and excellence in secondary fracture prevention. Forty of these FLS have been evaluated and are now appearing on the map.

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Archives of Osteoporosis - free of charge to IOF members

Register as a free IOF member and get online access to Archives of Osteoporosis. The journal includes papers from different world regions focusing on epidemiology, reference values for bone density and metabolism, and clinical aspects of osteoporosis.

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FRAX® Desktop – a helpful tool for clinical researchers

Do you need a tool to facilitate the analysis of large cohorts in a single operation? Then FRAX® Desktop multi-entry version is for you. FRAX® is also offered in different interface options. For more information, please contact the FRAX Coordinator.

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IOF Joint Session with JOS and KSO

IOF will join the Japanese Osteoporosis Society (JOS) and the Korean Society of Osteoporosis (KSO) for a special joint session at the 17th JOS Annual Meeting from September 17-19, 2015, in Hiroshima City. Further information to be available soon.

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New IOF Committee of National (CNS) members welcomed

Three new societies have joined the CNS, bringing the total to 228 organizations in 97 countries, regions or territories. We are pleased to welcome the Kazakhstan Doctors Association on Osteoporosis, the Indian Menopause Society and the Indonesian Society of Gerontology. IOF is set to reach its target of 230 national society members by the end of 2014.

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Be one in a million – join IOF as an individual member

IOF’s 1 million +1 Member Initiative got a kick start on World Osteoporosis Day as people worldwide (including staff of IOF’s member companies) signed up to help us reach our aspirational goal of one million members. Let your colleagues and patients know about IOF and the benefits of membership.

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Member Spotlight

In Germany DXA reimbursement faces major obstacle

Bundesselbsthilfeverband für Osteoporose e.V. (BfO) and other organizations point to low renumeration for DXA service providers as a serious impediment to DXA access for high-risk patients.

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